Ribble Film is a new corporate video company owned and run by two television professionals with more than 50 years experience in the business between them. Liz Bloor is an award winning, Bafta nominated producer/director with credits on Panorama, Dispatches, Tonight, Discovery, BBC1,2 and 3, ITV and Channel Four documentaries. Steve Horrocks is an Royal Television Society winning film cameraman who divides his time between working for all the major broadcasters and making corporate films. We are both passionate about making films as our long and successful television careers demonstrate.


During our long television careers working with some of the best in the business, we have honed our skills and techniques and bring the same knowledge and professionalism to our commercial work.  We are used to working quickly, effectively and very efficiently to ensure that what appears on screen is pitch perfect! Our films are distinctive, informative and engaging. We will ensure that you have a stand out film whatever the brief. We use film cameras and prime lenses which give a beautiful filmic image and our professional editors ensure that every shot and second on screen counts!


Every good film starts with a clear concept. To achieve this, we come for an introductory meeting to get an in depth brief about the company, the product and expectations for the commercial. We then write a script and run it past the client to ensure that everyone is happy and clear about what the end result will look and sound like.  When the client is happy with the outline script, we write a shooting script to ensure that we can really make the film look as good as possible. We also write a voice over script, this will either be recorded on the day of filming with some one from the company doing the read, or, if budget allows, we can hire a professional voice over artist to record the commentary during the edit process or hire a presenter to be present during the filming and to record commentary later during the edit.


Depending on the complexity of the film, we may come and do a recce with the cameraman before we shoot. It can be very useful for us to discuss the look and feel of the film – helping us to decide on the right camera for example and to look at potential sound and light issues and to audition potential interviewees. It’s an invaluable aid to ensuring that everyone is clear about what we need and that we can be realistic in our scheduling.

The crews that we employ are all television professionals with many years experience, who have filmed in almost every kind of situation and are excellent at putting everyone at their ease and working with calm efficiency.

Ribble Film use the latest and most up to date film equipment, we will ensure that whatever the brief we will give the client the look they want, whether that’s filmic, hard hitting and gritty or soft and gentle.


We have a team of professional editors that we know from years working together on network television productions. They have the latest Avid technology and work fast and efficiently. Depending on the brief and budget we can access the best animators, graphic designers, sound technicians and of course voice over artists and presenters.